Technogym Excite Recumbent Bike 700 EXC 15" Display Console Overlay Touchscreen

  • $299.00

Condition Used

Forn #:         F06469

Mod:             Visio

Model Name:           Excite Line

Model #:                  RE3 New Recline DAD

Serial #:                   DAD73L

This is for the touchscreen only, it will repair unresponsive or cracked screens, not consoles that have a bad CPU... Do not buy this if you are trying to do repair the motherboard because this will not help your situation.

Used on the following models:


Cardio Wave - 700 (D4973L)

Excite Line - B3 New Bike DAC - 700 (DAC73L)

Excite Line - Cardio Wave D49 (D4984L)

Excite Line - RE3 New Recline DAD - 700 (DAD73L)

Excite Line - RE3 New Recline DAD - 700SP (DAD74L)

Excite New Recline (DAD5/7)

Top 700 - D4773L - 2.0 (S/N D4773L08000161-Below)

Top 700 - D4773L - 2.0 (S/N D4773L08000162-D4773L08000362)

Vario 700 DAF73L

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