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Star Trac 9-9021 E-TRx E-TRxe Treadmill Power Entry Input Module 740-6083

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Condition Used

Used on the following models:

Star Trac

9-3561-MUSAP0 Treadmill

9-9021-MUSAP0 , E Series - E-TR9021

9-9023-MUSAP3 , E-TR9023

9-9041-MUSAP0 , E-TRx9041

9-9043-MUSAP3, E-TRX9043

E-Series 9-9051-MUSAP0

E-TRe - 9-9031-MUSAP0 - 2008 (TRENxxxx-xxxxxx)

E-TRx - 9-9051-MUNBP0 - 2010

E-TRxe - 9-9051-MUSAP0 - 2008 (TREXxxxx-xxxxxx)

S Series S-TRc - 9-3581-MUSAP0 G2 - 110V Ver. A (TRSC)

S Series S-TRc - 9-3581-MUSAP0 G2 - 110V Ver. C (TRSC)

S Series S-TRx - 9-3553-MUSAP3 (G1)

S-TRx - 9-3573-MUSAP3 (TRSXxxxx-Lxxxxx)

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