Precor c95x Treadmill Pacific Scientific 3.2 HP Drive Motor Motor Refurbished

  • $499.99

Condition Seller refurbished

Refurbished: New motor brushes installed

Precor,  Pacific Scientific
Model C95x series model and serials below.
Pac Sci Model PWM3652-5458-4
Treadmill Motor Repair
3.2 HP  3400 RPM
220 Volts DC   12 A

Used on the following models:
C952i (AA38)
C952i (AEWH)
C952i (AGJH)
C954-ND (MA)
C954-ND (PE)
C954-ND (R4)
C954i (00Z4)
C954i (AXFM)
C956-ND - Ver. 3 (MB)
C956-ND - Ver. 3 (MD)
C956-ND - Ver. 3 (MY)
C956-ND - Ver. 4 (T8)
C956-ND - Ver. 4 (TE)
C956-ND - Version 4 (T6)
C956i (00Z5)
C956i (00ZF)
C956i-NH (A958)
C956i-NH (AABP)
C956i-NH (AMRX)