Matrix R3xe R7xe R5x Recumbent Bike Belt Tensioner With Idler Pulley 0000095415

  • $63.99

Condition Used

Used on the following models:


R3x (RB91B) with (EP603) console

R3x-01-G4 - 2009 (RB303)

R3xe (RB91B) witn EP604 console

R3xe - 2012 (EP604)

R3xe - 2012 (RB91B)

R5x (RB91B) with EP90B console

R5x-02-G4 RB91, EP90 2009 (Bike - Recumbent)

R7x (RB91B) with EP91C console

R7x-01-G4 (RB92) with EP91 console

R7xe (RB91B) with EP92F console

R7xe-01-G4 (RB91) with EP92 Console