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Life Fitness Stepper Control Board Motor Controller A080-92239-B000 W/ Resistor

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Condition Seller refurbished

Part #:
   A080-92239-B000 or B084-92239-B000 or 0K47-01087-0000 or AK47-00037-0000

Used on the following models:

Life Fitness

95Si - 95S-0XXX-02 - Arctic Silver (ACF)
95Si - 95S-0XXX-04 - Arctic Silver (MST)
CLSS Integrity - CLSS-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (After SN LSS105559)
CLSS Integrity - CLSS-ALLXX-01 - Arctic Silver (SN LSS100000-LSS105558)
S9i (HSD)
SC-9100 (HSH)
SC8500 - SC85-0000-01 (HSG)