FreeMotion NordicTrack Treadmill Motor Controller Board MC1648DLS 399614

  • $207.99

Condition New

Installation Guidelines:

Unplug the unit from the wall outlet
2) Remove Motor hood and disconnect control board, keep track of connections.
3) Dismount old board and mount the new one.
4) Reverse the leads disconnected in step 2
5) Plug in Machine and calibrate the unit, search youtube search "calibrate icon treadmill" for instance.

Part #: 
Upgraded Part #:     399614
Model #:   MC1648DLS

Used on the following models:


860 Interactive - SFTL155132
860 Interactive - SFTL155133
860 Interactive - SFTL155134


2150 - 831.249170
2150 - NTL170111
C1600 Pro - NTL12113C1
C1600 Pro - NTL12113C2
C1630 Pro - NTL122121

Also, we recommend belt and deck maintenance every 90 days. It's simple, find out more here about low
price solution to reduce amp draw, thus extending the life of vital components, like Controllers.  

and Here on the following models: